Payday, payday….

I’m actually a huge fan of financial education. I’ve also have a degree in economy, and if IT business does not grab me in my early career I would be probably teaching economy in a primary school.

I’m often stunned how people are so unconscious on their current and future financial status and do not care about ther own and their children’s financial education.  There are too many fishy ripoff business offering you “financial freedom” and “financial liberty” by pulling you down and taking your money about.

The company behind the scene, operates as a consumer financial services company in the United States. It delivers a range of specialized financing programs and consumer banking products to digital, retail, home, auto, travel, health, and pet industries.

Synchrony Financial made a great commercial, but I’d call it an educational content. As for the format its’s like a docureality, in its colours it’s rather like a R&B clip from the early 2000s. Honestly I have not seen such a good job from a financial services provider that serves a great educational material in a very funny, entertaining format.

The storyline: Our star is Nyssa Rose, who focuses entirely on the now without considering the consequences of tomorrow. That is until she finds herself caught in a time loop, reliving the same Pay Day over and over—until she learns to make better choices and save for her future.

Its like Groundhog Day, but without finding perfect love, it’s all focusing on how Nyssa is throwing her money away, turning her paycheck to cash, instead of making some savings.

Blunt, cheap, but great spot, vivid play and exellent rythm, cool music….

When all the BGFs are flexing on their new projects  – investment, property and business growth – she is staying in the same position without financial improvement, spening the money as she receives it.

Then at the turningpoint Nyssa realized that she is capable of braking the line – and if she wants to step further, she needs to listen to ther friend and start saving.

Sooo simple message, still a very entertaining clip, kudos to all the creators. Still due to lack of financial education, there are so many people are reluctant to think over their financial possibilities.

Though timing could have been a little better, as the target audience (mainly in US) are having their harderst time surviving the worst financial crisis of the modern world, as many of them lost their jobs due to Covid-19 economic impact.  Still, reasonable savings and financial planning will be always topical, regardless of good or bad times….

Just seen the tweet this short movie fot award on Tribeca Film Festival 2020 for “Best Short”! Congrats to the creators!

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